PhpStorm and WP Development

Looks like the great team at PhpStorm have stepped up their game a little with some new WP based integrations. There’s a great tutorial on the coming additions right here.

The new features rolling out in version 8 look like they’re aimed at making WP plugin development faster and simpler while using PhpStorm, including hook support with callbacks and WP specific code styling. And you can even search from the editor!

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A great tool for free

Microsoft just announced that OneNote is now completely free, for both Windows AND Mac users! If you’re not using this, you really need to be – its possibly the best note taking application you’ll ever find. In my book, it slays evernote and all the others out there, if for nothing more than its utter simplicity and seamless functionality.

I started using it a few years back and it’s done wonders for my organization and just day to day management of all the information I need to keep tabs on – clients, projects, notes and more – in one place that I have total control over.

Get this. Microsoft is giving it away for free now. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Never believe the hype

Fact 1: Tech “pundits” are feckless dolts who type anything they can think of as a headline just to get page views.

I caught an article on one of “those” sites the other day about Apple’s announcement that their Maverick’s update would be free was “the death of the paid operating system”. What an insipid and mindless statement that is.

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Handy CMS components for WP

With my full-time web development gig I do a lot of WordPress work. For clients, and internally. So I’m always looking out for and and doing my best to keep up with plugins and addons for WordPress that will make my job simpler and our clients happier.

One of the best things I’ve come across recently is a CMS plugin called Pods. Its feature rich – and has way more “under the hood” than I can easily mention here in passing. In fact I’ll probably end up posting more about it as I get deeper into it here in the coming weeks.

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